Long Distance and Toll Free Service

Global One’s Long Distance and Toll-Free services provide a variety of cost-effective tools designed to expand your communications capabilities, boost efficiency and, most important, give customers the level of service they expect.

With our Toll-Free Services, you can create “local” presence across Canada and in more than 75 countries worldwide, ensuring your organization is always easy to reach whenever people need to call. Customers dial a single toll-free number to reach your contact center for service and support. Toll-free service can also be used for Internet access, for fax and data transmissions, and by travelling employees who need to stay in touch with their home offices.

Global One offers a range of additional features – including Advanced Toll-Free Routing, Announcements, Business Continuity and Detailed Call Reporting – to help you manage your contact center operations more effectively, optimizing resources and improving service delivery.

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