SIP Trunking

Global One SIP Trunking leverages IP and internet technologies to allow businesses to converge their voice traffic onto a single network. Using a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) data network, or your internet access.


A Cost-Effective, Scalable and Robust Alternative to Traditional Voice Services

Next Generation SIP Trunking gives businesses the power to consolidate their voice and data, securely and efficiently, into a single centralized advanced IP network, reducing complexity and the frustration of managing multiple connections.

With a state-of-the-art geo-diverse network, businesses of all sizes in all industries can benefit from carrier-grade resiliency and reliability offered by GlobalOne’s NGN SIP Trunking solution.

NGN SIP delivers, with its Active-Active configuration, immediate fail-over protection which is superior to many other SIP Trunking solutions that offer only an Active-Standby configuration. This advanced architecture eliminates risk of single-point-of-failure and ensures high availability through NGN SIP’s multi-nodal, geo-redundant network (Canada only at this time).

With built-in resiliency, along with support for multiple re-routing and failover options, businesses can now operate normally during a disruption without service quality degradation or performance impact.

Now available over GlobalOne MPLS, GlobalOne Internet, or third-party provided Internet, all businesses across North America can benefit from the advanced features and functionality delivered exclusively by GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking.


Come for the cost-savings, stay for the features

Next Generation SIP Trunking empowers businesses through increased productivity, unparalleled resiliency and redundancy, and by simplifying IT operations while delivering significant cost savings.

Businesses can save up to 40% in telecom costs through network consolidation, shared capacity across all locations, free long distance calls (on-net), lower trunk costs, and more. As businesses move from traditional PRI to SIP, they can eliminate redundant channels and only deploy and pay for the capacity they need.

Additionally, Intelligent Trunk Pooling allows multi-site businesses to pool and burst call capacity effectively across all sites in order to optimize trunk utilization which lead to lower costs and better call management during peak periods without the risk of service interruption.

Next Generation SIP Trunking provides an optimized environment for advanced unified communication and collaboration solutions, making it possible for these applications to be more widely and easily available across a business’ network.

With DIDs now available across North America, NGN SIP Trunking is the solution for meeting the advanced communications needs of today’s business.




Additional Benefits of Next Generation SIP Trunking

Eliminate Redundant Trunks
Many businesses today are paying for more capacity than they require, as the TDM voice channels are offered in fixed clusters of 23. SIP Trunking offers scalability and eliminates redundant channels, allowing businesses to deploy and only pay for the capacity they need.

Trunk Pooling
Rather than over-provisioning capacity at all branch offices in order to meet peak demand, SIP Trunking allows customers to efficiently pool concurrent call capacity across multiple locations. Reducing the total number of trunks required results in better management of peak load demand and lower risk of service interruption.

Local Number Portability
Whether your business is moving from TDM Voice to SIP or simply relocating, you can quickly and easily port an existing number, via an online portal, without any complications – no matter where.

Virtual Presence
With SIP Trunking, callers can dial a local number even in areas where your business has no physical presence. GlobalOne can seamlessly provide DIDs and DTEs anywhere in North America.

Self-Serve Administration Portal [currently Canada only]
Have total control over your business’ network infrastructure along with comprehensive reporting in near real-time.

Improved Productivity
With better, faster and more flexible business-grade communication, offering the highest audio quality,
businesses benefit from a better call experience.

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience in SIP Trunking
With over 10 years of SIP Trunking experience, GlobalOne is committed to delivering the best possible solutions, backed by industry-leading technology, with unmatched expertise and customer service. In addition, GlobalOne’s certified partnerships ensure a SIP Trunking solution that works for every business.


How GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking Works

GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking leverages IP and Internet technologies to allow businesses to converge their voice traffic onto a single network. Using a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) data network, GlobalOne Internet, GlobalOne Ethernet over Copper (USA only) or third party provided Internet access, GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking supports a rich set of telephony features backed by superior management functionality and outstanding reliability.

  • Data, Internet and Voice traffic are consolidated onto a single, high-speed IP network, simplifying network management and improving capacity utilization.
  • The network is connected to the PSTN via GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking, eliminating the need for PRI connections at each office.
  • SIP Trunks connect directly to your IP-PBX, or through the use of the GlobalOne SIP PRI Connect Gateway which can be configured with PRI signaling to connect easily to any legacy PBX.
  • Voice traffic is now carried over the data network, with optional failover capacity via a second connection to the PSTN in case of network failure.
  • Voice quality is assured through Class of Service (CoS) or prioritization of voice calls over other traffic, ensuring reliable phone service free of jitter, latency or echo.
  • With an advanced architecture including multiple Session Border Controllers (SBCs), media gateways and active-active failover geo-redundant core nodes, GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking provides industry-leading resiliency and reliability for all your communications and collaborations needs.

Now available: North American wide DIDs for local presence no matter where a business operates.

Voip911 Service
NGN SIP Trunking includes a new improved emergency calling service called VoIP 911, designed for VoIP users. This service meets Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requirements for emergency calling from “nomadic” callers. SIP/VoIP is considered a nomadic service meaning that users can access and use the system features and calling capabilities wherever they may be and not necessarily at their enterprise office location. When using the service, the CRTC requires that 911 calls from SIP/VoIP users be processed by a certified emergency services operator for verification of the physical location of the caller.


Gain More Control over YOUR Communications Infrastructure

The GlobalOne NGN SIP Trunking Administration Portal is a self-serve portal with 24/7 secure access, empowering businesses with greater control and a simplified view of voice service utilization and recent transactions.

With on-demand scalability of call processing capacity, along with easily actioned moves/adds/changes, SIP services can be quickly and easily applied as needed.

With extensive reporting (some services are optional and fees may apply), businesses can make better decisions by having greater visibility through a detailed dashboard providing network insights and comprehensive pre-defined and fully customizable operational reports.


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