Data Services

Global One offers reliable and flexible solutions that meet the requirements of our unique customers, with monthly savings between 10-20%.

Business Internet – Global One offers internet solutions that will give you reliable connections that offer you all the secure features customers have come to expect. We have a range of options to choose from – just ask! We can help you choose the best internet connection, saving you time and money.

High Performance Fibre – Choose the speeds that meet your needs. We offer a choice of options that range from E10, E100, E1000 and E10G. These services offer reliable and seamless connectivity across the Wide Area Network.

MPLS Networking – (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a protocol for speeding up and shaping network traffic flows. It’s intelligent routing that ensures security, reliability and maximum performance. Boost productivity in your organization by providing faster and more reliable voice and data communications for better information sharing.